Well come dear visitor, we are presenting a website for all of you that is Mytalentstage.com, which provide A stage where you can show your talent to the world with ease .this is not just a website it a platform for Everyone who has any talent .your talent can be any type or from any field like Dancing, Singing, Photography, Magic Tricks and Cooking etc. So what are you waiting for just upload and show your talent to the world.  Read more

pencil drawing  : Image  Vote:0  Review: 79
Amitabh Bachchan  : Video  Vote:0  Review: 61
singing  : Video  Vote:0  Review: 42
Tu jane na by pakistani girl.  : Video  Vote:2  Review: 32
Song by Awasthi  : Audio  Vote:0  Review: 27
Luka Chupi Bohat Hui  : Video  Vote:1  Review: 26
trailer  : Video  Vote:1  Review: 26
Dheere dheere se meri jindgi mai ana   : Audio  Vote:0  Review: 23
Indian street dancers  : Video  Vote:0  Review: 21
Images by hand  : Video  Vote:0  Review: 17
Blow the miracle  : Video  Vote:0  Review: 16
Blow The miracle>aar note ke paar  : Video  Vote:0  Review: 15
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